2 house cats get up close to bobcat in Maricopa County

[image] Bucky Marshall sent these photos of the bobcat sitting outside the door. (Source: Bucky Marshall)

Two house cats in Maricopa County had a close encounter with a wild feline on Friday the 13th.

Bucky Marshall told CBS 5 News his cats, named Pima and Mogie, are often gazing out the patio door into the backyard of his home on unincorporated land adjacent to Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area in Cave Creek. Last Friday, he saw an unusual sight - a bobcat walking across the patio.

"Right out here on the mat is where the cat, the bobcat was," he said.

You could say Marshall's two house cats, Pima and Mogie, "rule the roost," and when they spotted a bobcat walking up to the back glass early in the morning on Friday the 13th, they showed no fear.

Marshall said, "Pima's pawing the window saying, 'Please, pay attention to me. Be my friend, be my friend, please.'"

That's when Marshal grabbed his camera and said at first the bobcat wasn't too interested in his cats, and then something changed and he captured a moment between two cats he will never forget. 

"The bobcat kind of looked at them and they looked back, and the bobcat reached a paw up and Pima reached a paw up, and I manage to just catch it with the camera."

In the photo, you see Pima the domestic cat and a wild bobcat with their paws meeting at the glass window between them. Perhaps you could say it was a house cat's one chance to get a glimpse at her wilder side.

"It was that moment where they were probably a little more than house cats. They were out in the wild," said Marshall.

He said the bobcat stayed for about half an hour, took a nap and then trotted off into the distance.

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