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Reaction to DOJ investigation of Arpaio's office

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Here is a sampling of reactions to the Department of Justice's findings that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office has a culture of unconstitutional activity and engaged in discriminatory acts and violations of civil rights.

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, Arizona's 7th Congressional District 

"There's nothing fair, equal or constitutional about racial profiling.  Sheriff Arpaio believes physical appearance is probable cause to stop and question individuals about their immigration status. Even after a Department of Justice investigation has told him otherwise, he continues to believe there's no issue here. His obsessive, politically motivated assault on Hispanics has destroyed public trust in his office and put innocent lives in danger. Federal law enforcement officials are right to name his failed tenure for what it is, and I hope he takes the honorable route by resigning immediately."

Pablo Alvarado, National Day Laborer Organizing Network

"The Department of Justice report formally and forcefully describes a civil and human rights crisis in Maricopa County; one that has moved hundreds of thousands to demonstrate around the globe over the past several years.

 "It is a ringing indictment of a Sheriff's office that has 'treated all Latinos as if they were undocumented' and the federal immigration contracts that have made such prejudice possible. It is the most detailed chronicle of the failed end result of the federal programs that make monsters out of local law enforcement.

 "We have waited three years for federal intervention to restore justice in Maricopa County. Now that the Department of Justice has outlined the symptoms, it is time for the Department of Homeland Security to terminate its immigration contracts with the Sheriff as a first step toward a cure."

Andrei Cherny, Arizona Democratic Party chairman

"This is a monumental step toward justice. Sheriff Arpaio's reign of failure already has many victims - more than 400 sex-abuse cases ignored, $100 million in taxpayer dollars misused, and costly witch hunts pursued against political enemies. But today, we are closer to justice for the victims of his office's civil-rights violations and racial profiling…"

"It's hard to imagine a public official who more embodies corruption, waste and arrogance than Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

Arcelio Martinez ( user)

Looks like the feds beat me to it... I want to see if he answers questions now from anyone.

John Lake Havasu AZ ( user)

How come the "feds" can accuse Joe, and NOT hunt the illegal (what part of illegal does the fed not understand) people in the COUNTRY, not just state.

Gary ( user)

It's sorry that our no-good federal & state government is against anyone who takes action on the illegals that infest the USA. If they get their way we will be infested with illegals with no one doing anything about it.


Veronica Renteria Dorrell

It's about time. I'd like to see him wearing the pink underwear. Lol.

David Engel

"I have said it before and I will say it again. He is exactly what we need and without him as sheriff, this county we live in would be a lot worse off than it is now."

Jason Molina

"Joe Arpaio is a sad, miserable man. The findings today are worse than I could have imagined. Latinos are 4 to 9 times more likely to be stopped by MCSO. A failure pile in a sadness bowl."

Juana Pedroza

"Well, I personally will be signing the petition for his recall. I was not here last election. I was in the state of Utah, otherwise I would have not voted for him."

Timothy Allen

I don't know why the feds and leftists bother. Joe is wildly popular in Maricopa county. We love the fact that the man works and DOES HIS JOB cleaning up the streets. Furthermore, he is an elected official! He can't be removed by any of these ridiculous harassment tactics the liberals always come up with.

April Higgins Shultis

My question is how else are the illegal immigrants going to be stopped if Mexicans can't be questioned. If I was in Mexico, being an American I would most probably be stopped and asked for the proper paperwork and if I didn't have it I would be jailed immediately, indefinitely.

Johnny Morales

What I don't understand is if they found enough evidence then why don't they arrest him? If it was you or I doing have of the federal violations we would have had an entire swat team breaking in our house...

Barbara Hanson

Nothing says people can't be questioned. However, his actions were based on appearance, not on conduct. My husband is Canadian. I bet you my last paycheck that if he was ever stopped for a traffic violation, he would NEVER be asked to prove that he was here legally, since he's blonde and blue-eyed. Arpaio and his boys are notorious for detaining people who have valid AZ licenses and doing nothing else wrong that making a rolling stop or having an expired plate until somebody could come with a birth certificate to prove they were US citizens. And that is crap.

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