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For sale: top 10 haunted homes

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Haunted Horse Farm Haunted Horse Farm

There are many reasons people put their homes up for sale: a new job, a loss of a job, a new family member. How about a ghost?

The latest poll from CBS news shows that 40 percent of Americans believe in ghosts. Sixty million of us think we've seen one.

Perhaps your best chance to encounter a being from the other side is to visit a haunted house. Or better yet - buy one!

Now, from our friends at, 10 homes for sale that may indeed be haunted:

10.  Ozzie and Harriet's Home
This traditional 5,813 square foot home was built in 1916 and was the set for The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet that ran from 1952 to 1966. Now priced at $4,245,500, the house comes complete with the ghost of Ozzie Nelson, reported multiple times since 1975, the year of his death.

9.  Mike Tyson's Mansion
Ghosts might be afraid to go anywhere near Mike Tyson, but his former home in Ohio is apparently spirit-friendly. Mysteriously, the indoor pool grew moss, holes appeared in the walls and the tiger cages suddenly grew rust. The famous boxer lived here in the 1990s but the home has sat empty ever since. Priced at $1,300,000, tiger cages included.

8.  Haunted Hollywood Hills
Sitting vacant for over 16 years unfinished, this house was said to be plagued by alien spacecraft, is said to be sitting on top of an Indian burial ground, and is a favorite site for Satanists. This 9,800 sf house sits on 22 acres and is currently for sale for $15,200,000.

7.  John Brown Hanging Site
In historic Charles Town, WV, where John Brown met his demise. In 1859, the famous abolitionist took over the federal armory in Harper's Ferry in order to incite a rebellion against slave owners. He was later tried and hanged. Thirty years later this grand Victorian was built on the site of his hanging. The four-story, 7,037 square foot home has five bedrooms, five baths Tiffany glass, handmade shutters and exceptional mantels. Listing price: $1,200,000.

6.  Evil Clown Haunted House
This is either the chance to out do your neighbors once and for all, or for a town to become known for having the most spectacular Halloween event for miles around! Here's a clever company that makes it possible for you to buy a used haunted house kit!  This scary package includes Evil Clown Town, Alcatraz Prison and Hot Seat electric chair and so much more! For $130,000, you can buy the Frightmare Package through the Texas-based Hauntrepreneurs.

5.  Psycho Murder Victim House
Janet Leigh starred in "Psycho," one of the best horror films in movie history. The Victorian house in the film was likely the scariest movie house of all time. Now Janet Leigh's own former home is for sale with stunning views over Hollywood and out over the Pacific. Just living in Janet Leigh's house might be enough to give you nightmares. Asking price: $3,950,000.

4.  America's Most Haunted Home
Not for the faint of heart, this 100-year-old farm house near Olean NY, is very well known to locals and to all paranormal investigators across the country. Even the History Channel featured it in a special. The house has a history of frightening off its past owners since the 1850s with its 12 or more not-so-friendly ghosts who are frequently seen in their entirety by neighbors, friends, guests, researchers, paranormal investigators and the clergy. Asking $289,000.

3.  Dean Martin Home
According to the story, Dean Martin stayed at this Minnesota home in 1970 when he was filming the movie "Airport" and he never left. They believe that "Dino" is just one of a number of spirits that haunt this house, which was built near an old Indian funeral site. The owners report numerous incidents of flying tables and beds, exploding water pipes, invisible people and dogs, pounding noises, images of a bloody face in their mirror, missing objects, ice-cold urine pools and a grotesque, hairless cat with glowing eyes and a human's smile.

2.  Haunted Horse Farm
Don't expect to see ghostly horses grazing the fields or be so lucky as to have a ghostly farmhand stacking hay bales. Instead, turn your attention to your digital camera equipment. For some reason, the normally elusive ghosties on this farm love to have their pictures taken! They have made themselves apparent over 90 times in the last nine years in and around the farm. There have been five paranormal investigations in the past two years - all had positive findings. The next chill running up a spine could be yours! Asking $120,000.

1.  New Orleans Haunted Mansion
Here at the Magnolia Mansion the ghosts are friendly with a sense of humor. Spirit children tease you by moving things around during the night to watch your reaction the next morning. There are reports of a ghostly maid who will tuck you in at night, a child who walks the halls and a bearded man who spends his time downstairs! A perfect place to hold your "Spooktacular Gatherings" and "Ghostly Galas!" Asking price is $3,200,000.

See all the listings here.


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